Friday, May 7, 2010

Garcon! Japanese Cheque please!

So I have a date with the owners and my real estate agent this Sunday for the signing of the land purchase agreement contract.

As far as I understand, the agreement will be contingent on the "formal" (seishiki in japanese) loan approval.

For this meeting, I was told to bring 4 things:

1- My Deposit。 預金小切手(よきんこぎって)
This is usually about 10% of the contract amount but is negotiable. I'm putting in about 5%.
I will lose this if I bail out of the deal. I will double this amount if they break the deal.
You get this at your bank and you should bring your A) Bank Book, B)your Inkan (Seal) C) Cash Card. D)Gaijin Card.

The procedure was very straight forward. I was simply asked how much I wanted my cheque to be, filled out a couple of forms (make sure you ask for the most secure option), put down my Seal, entered my PIN for security reasons.

After about 5 minutes of waiting, I was handed my cheque. Overall, I was very surprised at how efficient the process is.

2- Revenue Stamp. 収入印紙(しゅうにゅういんし)
This is the Stamp Duty on the contract and the amount depends on the value of the contract.
Get your agent to tell you how much the duty will be and essentially just buy a stamp for that amount.

3- My Inkan
4- My Gaijin Card.

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