Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Loan Application Round 2: SUCCESS

Mizuho Bank called yesterday and announced the good news.
My loan has been pre-approved. :) And it took only 2 days.

For all the paper work, the pre-approval result was given to me rather informally.
The rep called me and told me and just said my application was approved.
No special certificated or a copy of my application with a big "Approved" stamp.

My theory is that since I already applied once, it was faster the second time around.

So typically, this is where I call my real estate agent and get him to set up a meeting with the land owner for the Land contract (Baibai Keyaku) as soon as possible.
But I'm taking off for Fukuoka tomorrow as it is Golden Week.
So this will have to wait until May 8th.

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