Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Score Cards and Maps

I'm a huge fan of using Google to keep track of the places I've visited.
I created below using Google maps and dropped some pins on the candidate lots.
You can save these pins by logging in and creating an entry in "My Maps"
Drawing a 1 kilometer radius circle helps me visualize the desirable locations and visually estimate time to the train station.

I must have visited over 15 lots in the past few months and though notes help, I keep a weighted score card based on 7 major categories from which I derive a general score. Anything over 80% is worth a good long seirous look. However, I also note in red the categories which are deal-breakers.

This helps me remain somewhat objective, but I'm not kidding myself here. There are certain intangibles which don't simply fit into a neat little formula. I could have gone over the top with the amount of categories but chose to keep it simple so it would only take 2 minutes after a short lot visit to fill out.

Let me know what you think by posting a comment here.
Please share what works for you.

Here's a link below. (I've removed the full addresses)

Land Score Card Link

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