Thursday, May 13, 2010

Walkable Cyclable Kichijoji

Sometimes narrow streets serve a purpose. They encourage people to walk or ride their bikes.
In Kichijoji, this new urbanism is by design.

Check out this interesting article: The New Urbanism: Kichijoji Style

Our youngest below is taking her first little spins (picture taken last year) without the training wheels down our street.
Pure happiness and sense of achievement!

Thinking of the kids reminds me I should post a little something about education in the area at some point in the future.


  1. Cute girl!
    Narrow street is a good place to play, especially for children.
    Now I trying to make narrow street comfortable by designing small houses around there.

  2. Dear Eric ,
    I landed upon ur sweet little blog accidentally while browsing through Linkedin. I was working for Goldman Sachs earlier.
    Its a real tragic situation in Japan and its disheartening to see the country shackled by Nature's fury.

    Hope you are able to connect with your friends and team .
    Our prayers to all of them in Japan to stay resilient and brave such turbulent times .

    Regds ,