Friday, May 28, 2010

Guess who’s coming to Dinner

Our architect came on Tuesday. I thought it would be good for him to my family and give my wife the chance to see if she felt comfortable with his design process. We gave him a tour of our current place and explained what we liked and what we didn’t and how it was guiding our design ideas. He was a very good listener.

But before we hit the 15 point agenda I had sent him the night before, we thought we’d be nice to start and treat him to my wife’s melt-your-soul Lasagna. God only know what we’ll do once we have a proper kitchen with counters that are not built for a 4 foot pygmy oba-chan. But I digress. We got a to know a little bit more about him (Mr. Sakamoto) and just chilled over good food and our children’s silly jokes.


After we put the kids to bed, we set down in the living room and reviewed a pile of schematics for almost the rooms which would require the most detail examinations:


1- Reviewed the first floor shadow schematics and although the second will be full of sunlight, the first will be mostly in shadows. But that’s where we sleep and spend only 20% (if that) of our day there.

2- The entrance has enough shoe cabinets to make Imelda Marcos proud. But that’s not us. We’re going to convert 40% into multi-purpose storage.

3- The bathroom had us debating for a good 15 minutes over the position of the windows. At the top? On the sides? Do we need any? Finally, Sakamoto-san, suggested that we go with a glass bathroom/Bathtub divider and get natural light from the tub area. We liked it.

DSC_37694- The Utility Room, we liked the revised layout and decided to add a sink. Anyone who has children will appreciate having a place to scrub major stains away from the kitchen or bath area.

5- The study area was perfect.

6- The kitchen counter was a bit of surprise because it was a 2-level counter to hide the mess. We clarified that we wanted a flat surface so food prep could be done on both sides of the counter.


A pause for today, but please come back for the lovely 3 dimensional hand drawn sketches of the 2nd floor living areas.

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