Monday, May 17, 2010

Ramen at Harukyia

So tomorrow I submit my formal loan application.
I'm betting I'll have an answer by Friday....

In the mean time, I've got ramen on my mind.

One of my long time favorites near Tokyu deparment stores is Harukiya.
Harukiya originates from nearby Ogikubo and is one of the most famous Ramen shops in Japan.
It is noted for it's fresh noodles and original tasty yet balanced broth.


The atmosphere is...what atmosphere? Dude or Dudette, you go to Harukiya for the ramen, everything else is just a distraction. Focus on your bowl and enjoy. And may the force be with you.

The Chuuka Soba is what made them famous. Regular portion.

Below is the Won-Ton Chuuka Soba. Large Omori size.
Be aware that the won-tons are more skin than meat and this adds an interesting mix if textures. This is according to their menu the most popular item these days.

Kichijoji is full of ramen shops, supposedly due to large concentration of college students.
I would have gladly traded my college pizzas for this.

And if you need tips on eating Ramen watch this from Tampopo (BEST FREAKING, IF-YOU'RE-NOT-HUNGRY-AFTER-WATCHING-YOU'RE-NOT-HUMAN JAPANESE MOVIE).

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