Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Village Vanguard Diner

Every neighborhood should have it's own true of a kind original burger joint.
Village Vanguard definitely tops of our family's list for it's funky decor, excellent burgers, tasty onions rings. The only down side is probably the 400yen Coca-Cola...but you don't have to order it and the burgers are well worth the trip.


We usually end up having the wait outside for a 10 minutes as we are a family of 5.
This is a big group for this small place.

The onions looked so good I forgot to take photos after we were almost done with them.
Thankfully, the tortillas mix came right soon after and reminded me.

Counter Seating and Diner style decor.

Good brews on tap.

And even wider Bottled selection.

This is the Midnight Cowboy.
Man where to begin....The usual suspects: quarter-pound of tasty juicy hamburger, lettuce,tomato, onions, BBq sauce, fried egg, bacon, cheese topped off with fried garlic.

This ones deserves an aerial shot.

They also have Kid Sets for the Mini-me's.

My son Ishan who is 10 has graduated to the adult sized cheese burger.
He usually ends his Village meals saying " I'm so full and happy I could die."
The dude gets it.

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