Thursday, October 21, 2010

Chapter 28 – Color me blind (Day 75)

Although we mostly agreed on the grade of the materials, one thing to note is that if you want a better selection of built-in furniture colors then you will need to add 15~20% to the original estimated cost.

Call me us picky but we felt we wanted an upgrade on the entrance cabinets and the master bedroom. Below are some of the sample boards provided to us by Sakamoto-san. The one on the far left was constructed by Sakamoto to show us the various coordinated color patterns for the house interior. We will of course have much more color in the house overall once we move on to paint selection but it will be heavily influenced by our choices at this stage of the process.


Our selections:


Slender(5色)Oscar zebra(Q色)

Master Bedroom:

Maestro plum(M色)

Kid’s room, most windows frames and doors,Utility Laundry room:

P色 ペール色

Study Area, :

P色 ペール色K色 ココア色

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