Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Chapter 29 – Building Update (Day 88)

Here’s a quick update on the home building.

New move-in date has been pushed back about 10 days due to interior cabinetry production delays. So we are now scheduled for Mid-February.

A bit of a surprise here. We live within 10 minutes from a busy train station which means stricter fire regulations, hence more fire-proof windows. All this makes sense until we got the unfortunate surprise that all our windows need to have wire meshing which is not ideal from an aesthetic perspective. We are exploring options for the windows with views of the garden and deck areas. Stay tuned.


More Insulation:
Wall insulation has been installed. It’s fiberglass wool but we doubled the standard thickness to 10cm thick. Not only is this better for insulation but also for sound proofing. We considered polyurethane foam but we were left unconvinced by the higher price tag and the fact that there is not much data out there about effects of exposure. The guys spraying the stuff wear masks and gloves…maybe we’re just ignorant but we stuck with the tried and tested.


Once they fill the cavity they cover it with plastic sheet before the dry wall is installed.


Below is our ventilation system with air heat exchange unit from Daikin. This is only on the first floor where there are more walls and airflow is lesser than on the second floor. Fresh air while minimizing energy loss! While I’m on this topic, I got my estimate on the AC units we will need for the home. Though Sanryo builders had offered 25% discount on the MSRP, I’ve managed to get an additional 20% with free shipping from a online vendor. Less convenient but the extra coordination effort on my part will pay for my dishwasher.


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