Saturday, October 2, 2010

Chapter 24 – Insulation (Day 55)

I have not forgotten about this blog, dear readers. As my favorite saying goes, Life just takes over. But it’s not like we’ve been sitting on our behinds and have grown complacent, and delegated everything to the site manager and architect. Trust but verify is my advice. You’ll understand a little why later.

Day 55 : Insulation: (Oct. 2)
Typical home in Japan is insulation in the roof is about 50mm thick. But since we are applying for Eco-points (which should make us eligible for up to 3500$ in refunds) we’ve tripled the thickness to 150mm. The material is a thick but light material like styro-foam but sturdier. It’s cut slightly larger than the shape of the space between the studs in order to create a tight seal. We’ve thought about the foamy spray, and cellulose fiber but it’s twice the cost. This should do fine and I believe has a low VOC factor.


With roof covered the skylights are more prominent and I’m very happy we added them or else this north side would have been darker than desired. These windows should be right above the dining area.


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