Sunday, October 10, 2010

Chapter 26 – Trust, Verify, Be inspired (Day 65)

This is probably annoying to the site workers, but we’re basically on site checking things out every other day. This is not so much to supervise but to get a sense of the space as we will need to get newer furniture and so it’s good to just stay in a space and see how light enters a room. Then there’s the factor that it’s just fun to see your creation built before your eyes.

Anyhow, in our latest visit, we noticed that the loft window was about 40cm lower than on the plans. As the picture below shows, it would essentially be blocked by our future LED TV. A good thing we noticed as it was just the frame for the window that had been set and we still have time and flexibility to rectify the matter.


But it occurred to us that a window above a TV does make that much more sense. How many have you looked out of a window behind the TV set? So we measured the area just to the right and figured it would fit nicely there with a nice plant.


Below are some of our notes and ideas we sent to Sakamoto-san.


So sometimes mishaps are good opportunities to re-think old ideas, so it’s important to go with the flow.

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