Monday, January 24, 2011

Chapter 37- 3 weeks to go update (Day 170)

One of the draw backs of monitoring the daily progress, I find is that there are areas when taken outside of context (because other surroundings are not yet completed) cause you to doubt your initial choices. It can be an unsettling feeling. For example, we are quite happy with our son’s room which has a vivid blue.


But in some ways, we think could have gone with more vivid tones in the girls’ room. Same in master bedroom where the beige is faint in the natural light. My opinion however, is that it will look different once we have the lighting installed. Stay positive :)



In the meantime, things are moving at an accelerated pace. The entrance is almost done.

Kitchen tiles are done.


We can safely go out on the 2nd floor deck.


And our long awaited dishwasher is here.


Oh…and the packing...the packing…the packing.

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