Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Chapter 36 – The Couch and other craziness.

Amazing to believe that in less than one month, we will be in our new home. For me the one piece of furniture for which I’ve been waiting for so many years is a proper sofa.

After visiting a few furniture stores, Lara and I were really drawn by the quality of NoYES (http://www.ny-k.co.jp), a sofa boutique with a showroom in omotesando. For the same price of a drab and boring IDC sofa, at noYES you can get a stylish, handcrafted sofa. We were impressed by their selection, knowledgeable staff and the fact that more than 4000 customers have posted photos of their proud sofas on the website.

NewSugar System Sofa ロングセラーシリーズの最高峰

Choosing a sofa is one thing but getting it into your small home is another matter all entirely different. It was a real pain in the behind getting the mandated delivery service (Death to you Kuroneko Yamato!!) to agree to bring up the furniture, that a specialist mover was brought in for a second opinion. In the end we’re going to get them to deliver to the first floor for free and our house movers will finish the job of bringing it upstairs. Creativity is the name of the game.

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