Friday, January 14, 2011

Chapter 35– 2nd floor Painting Completed

Painting is done on the 2nd floor and we’re ecstatic with the results!

The study is just as I’d imagined, warm and cozy in the afternoon light. I’m going to have to start looking for a shop that make the cushions for our built-in couch. This desk area easily sits 2 and I already have plans for a dual Dell 24-inch monitors.


Also very happy with the living room. Kudos to Lara’s decision to paint expand the color onto the larger wall surface. The original plan was to have a small accent at the end. But this is much more striking. The adjacent wall on the right is a light gray, and we’re thinking that we could have gone a slightly darker shade.


Bathroom has a light gray blue on the sides whereas center and ceiling is an eggshell white.


Next steps for 2F is to install the kitchen, then they will varnish the oak wood floor and pillars. So far it all looks like we are on track for a Feb.12th move.


  1. Looks great! Love the colors!

    About the cushions, we found this place that makes custom cushions of all shapes, sizes and fabrics. Might be worth checking out:

    It's in the US so you need to factor in the shipping cost, of course, but the exchange rate is good at the moment...

    We will also need cushions for some of our bay window seats, so any suggestions you have will be useful! I'd be curious to see if there are any Japanese makers of this type of cushions.

  2. looks awesome, thanks for taking us through this amazing journey.