Friday, February 18, 2011

Chapter 44 - cats adjusting just fine

Cade and ruby, our two cats are finely settling into their new digs. I think last night was the first time we managed to sleep without cursing their meowing. To be fair to Cade, it's really Ruby who is most vocal.

As you can see Cade has found his favorite spot.

Some other views of the semi formal living area.

Below is the family living where all five of us can pile in. A more casual area.

Some of Lara's ikebana in the gallery.

And where I'm blogging from right at this moment. ;). Cats are still spending the night with us at the foot of the bed.

One more week and we'll introduce them to their cat door.

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  1. Looks so great all set up. We've been excited to see this build come along and it's nice to see you finally in there! With the info here (and my friends home project in Okinawa) it has really helped us prepare for some things we haven't even thought of for when we build our home.

  2. Congratulations! Home at last! After all the hard work, you can finally enjoy living in a place that suits your tastes and lifestyles. No more Fudouyasan, isn't that great?

    Also, thanks for detailing your experience. I'm sure it will serve as a useful guide to many "clueless" home-owners-to-be like us!

    Enjoy your new life!

    Caroline & Efrain

  3. Just added a post but not so much about the house.
    Will post more updates later next week.

  4. I really love Kichijoji area! This is for me the best district of Tokyo because it is quiet and residential. The facilities are really nice and I find everything I need :)
    It is not for nothing that I choose my accommodation there!