Thursday, February 3, 2011

Chapter 40- Yikes! (T-minus 9)

With all of the changes happening inside it’s a bit easy to forget the guys outside toiling away to make sure we have parking for the car and bikes.

Probably the darkest area of the home is our long hallway next to the entrance. So we decided to make it a little wider and put in niches to create a little art gallery. We chose LED lights here so we can leave the lights on most of the time without worrying too much about energy.

Our heating and cooling is installed now. We went with Daikin AC/Heater units. These models circulate air not just up and down but side ways as well. We like the flexibility and for equal money and features I will most of the time go with the specialist company.

We’ve been asked many times if we went with heated floors or Yuka Danbou. We’ve chosen not to mainly because we felt it wasn’t worth the prices for something that is used for just about 3~4 months of year. Don’t get us wrong, it feels great! but it’s a luxury we could live without. It also really limits your choice of flooring we’ve heard.

In order to avoid washing schools shoes (wabaki), calligraphy sets and various mishaps in the kitchen or bathroom sink, we installed a separate sink cabinet in the utility room. Not the prettiest, but a proud planning detail.


Double sinks in the washroom will hopefully reduce the occurrences of family members spitting on each other. At least that’s the hope. Whether there will be a definite boys and girls side needs to be seen.


So what is the YIKES all about? Well this morning, doing my daily morning supervision noticed a large crack on engineered stone kitchen counter, right where the MIELE IH cooker would be installed. Not a good way to start the day. But a quick email to Sakamoto and prompt response confirmed that they were on top of it already and that the counter would be replaced today. PHEW! I assume they must insured against these kinds of unfortunate events.


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  1. Love the double sinks and that backsplash!

    Good luck in your new home. Hope moving goes (went) smoothly.