Saturday, September 25, 2010

Chapter 21 – Water Cure (Day 35~47)

It’s a been a little over 2 weeks since the concrete was poured for the foundation. During that time it’s been hardening (curing) in a fairly moist environment helped by the rainy weather. From what I’ve read this is a good thing as it can make the concrete 50% stronger. LINK.

Day 41: Water Curing, Drain Pipes.


In the meantime, the world doesn’t stop. The plumber comes in trenches, sets up the water supply and drain pipes.


Day 46: Still Curing, Setup for Framing the House.


Day 47: Lots of wood.

Below are the first pallets of wood which will be anchored to the foundation. Interestingly, there are hard plastic spacers so that the beams don’t touch the concrete directly. From what I can understand this is to prevent the wood rotting from moisture. They will add a moisture prevention barrier at a later stage too.


So all of the wood is pre-cut and coded so that the workers can assemble them like a well-orchestrated puzzle. Every piece has a code and my NAME on it. Pretty cool. Below are some closeups of the joints which I thought were interesting.



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