Saturday, September 11, 2010

Chapter 18 - Foundations (Day 34)

Wow. Things are moving fast. On Wednesday, Sakamoto-san checked the steel reinforcements to make sure everything was well put together. He sent us the picture below so we could be aware of how things were moving along.

steel reinforcement

Yesterday (9/10), I went to check the foundation and noticed they poured another layer of concrete over the steel. Below is a short video with one of the workers checking measurements. The white boards along the sides are styro-foam like boards I think to help with insulation. The worker mentioned they would pour the base layer concrete wall later that afternoon.

Now that the dimension are more tangible, I’m getting a better sense of how the rooms will feel in relation to each other. Below is a picture of the foam board with the concrete wall.



  1. Très impressionant! Prochain voyage au Japon je viendrai voir ton œuvre en personne!

  2. Any time dude. Friends are always welcomed to stay.