Saturday, August 7, 2010

Kichijoji – Ken’s Sandwiches

Kichijoji was made for walking. But walking can make you hungry. There are tons of cafes but I don’t want a cake and coffee all the time. Sometimes I want something substantial but not a full on meal. This is where Ken’s Sandwiches fits in.



Ken’s sells only 2 types of sandwich: Veggie Menchi Katsu Sandwich or the Pork Filet Katsu Sandwich. The veggie sandwich is ground vegetables that are breaded then deep fried. Same thing with the pork. The pork is my favorite no surprises here. You have an option of 2 sauces. Sorry but I can’t remember the names.


This is mostly a take out place but they have a couple of tables where you can people watch. Oh and they server free coffee!! Another bonus.


An honest place that gets to heart of the…Katsu Sandwich. Bushido of the Katsu.


Now time for a nice afternoon nap.


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