Sunday, August 8, 2010

Kichijoji Chinese Restaurant Symo Long

Hard to find good Chinese grub in Japan. It never quite feels authentic. Symo Long is probably the closest thing you’ll get in Kichijoji. The decor is what I call Chic peasant.



This is not a big place but it packs a lot of charm. I’m alone tonight so I get the little table right under the stairs.


Behind me are a couple of small tables and the entrance. The kitchen is open and can be seen from the street.


Tonight I order their specialty: sholompo or Juicy pork dumplings. Usually they are steamed but here they steam and fry them a little in a pan. The result is a crispy dumpling that oozes juiciness when you take a bite.


Sholompo close-up. Four for 550yen.


Below is the Fried Rice with Black Shoyu (Soy Sauce). It’s of course a little saltier than you’re average rice, but the sauce adds a tanginess to the dish. You can’t see it very well because it’s one big brown mass, but there are tons of finely chopped vegetables in there. My conscience is safe.


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