Friday, July 23, 2010

Chapter 10 : …to Heaven.

Got lots of comments on my last entry so I wanted to quickly post on the resolution.

The BEFORE picture below shows the steeper stairway with a curved hand rail. Also notice the graduated staircase outline. The curves of rails don’t really match the long lines and the staircase makes the scene a little busy.

As we brainstormed various options, Kichijoji Dudette and I drew INSPIRATION from Cafe Zenon which had this very simple yet stylish staircase. Although some would think it less than ideal to block the view to the bar, we thought the below example adds a sophisticated layer to the space.


Which brings us to our resolution: A staircase which is less steep and safer with straighter lines that is better integrated with the long lines of the open beams on the 2nd floor. Just a great example of a few little details really changing the atmosphere.


On a final note, we’ve signed the loan contract on Wednesday and we’ll close on the land on 7/30. I’m investigating on how I can bring down my tax rate down 75%from 0.4% to 0.1% on my mortgage setup fee. Will keep everyone posted.


  1. Hello, I first read your blog because I stumbled into it when I was searching Miele ovens in Tokyo. I have since decided to go for gas and went to the local Tokyo Gas shop. They sent a guy around and 2 weeks later I have still not received the estimate...after doing the "showroom route" and getting lots of pamphlets, I now think that major "reform companies" are not interested in this type of business because each time I go to a showroom they just had me pamphlets and I have since concluded that they only want your business if you select a "system kitchen" or decide to reform your whole kitchen area according to one of their models. I want to replace my gas top with a high quality Japanese model but don't know where to go to get this done. Can you suggest a reform company... I noticed you mentioned Credo??? I never thought this would be so difficult. I thought it would simply be a trip to the local appliance shop! It's a maze!! Charlotte Hozumi PS I live in Ogikubo, and enjoy your drawings and info about Kichijogi...I recently went to the curry restaurant and enjoyed it.

  2. Hi Charlotte,
    sorry for late reply. Just closed on the land Friday so was pretty busy up to then.

    A few questions.
    What's your budget for the oven including installation etc?
    Are you looking for counter top or built-in?
    What's the make and model you were thinking of?

    You're probably right large firms may prefer larger type of contracts.
    Btw I'm assuming you own the place you live in ?

  3. There was a comment on a separate post about a shop called NAKAYAMA in katakana which might suit your needs.