Friday, June 18, 2010

Kichijoji C-House – Chapter 5 – Meeting Notes from the Underground…

Totally shattering week where work, family, home building pressures all meld into one. Bring it on. But I’m not going to very prosaic in this post. Too tired.

We met Sakamoto-san again this Wednesday for our Third Design review and the amount of paper plans he brought keeps increasing with each visit. We had a full agenda and meeting lasted about 3.5 hours. But we got a lot done.

So bullet point style for this entry. Meeting notes blow by blow.

  • Beam fittings: KURETEC?
    Yes and add 50man. No, you see this cross beam below on the high ceiling areas.
    We can live with this.


  • Details of the exterior wall treatment- design, color, materials
    I bring some finish sample and image.
    Jolycoat: Hand finish = most expensive
    Joly pat: Machine spray mat finish, easier to clean = mid range.
    SK Kakken : sandy feel machine sprayed = most value.
    It’s toss up between sandy and mat. But we’re set on color as below.


  • Insulation:
    Aqua foam is about 2200/sqm
    Fiberglass 50mm is 700/sqm
    You can get the same insulation and sound proofing with 100mm Fiberglass. Done. Plus no one is really sure how long the foam will last and it’s harder to replace later on.
  • Bicycle + Storage Shed:
    Location behind the car park. Showed my design. We’ll paint it ourselves. Details can wait for now. Land
  • Landscaping:
    Have time for that later.
  • Front Entry:
    No gate needed. Want that door that opens with a remote key that our friends rave about. Pick out S-Cube door from Tostem that won the Good Design award.
  • Interior Finish:
    Nihon Paint - Eco Flat 60 with low VOC.
    Design Wall paper for MBR for accents.
    Home work is to print PDF and play with color coordination.
    Window frames and interior door colors. We’re going to need to draw some samples to be sure.
  • Skylight:
    Remote to open or close is neat but expensive and may not be water proof in the long run. Plus they’re not located at highest points in the room so the air won’t exhaust out that way anyhow. Going with fixed for now.
  • Kitchen:
    INAX plans have come in with estimates. I’m expecting 55% OFF the MSRP. Decide on the depth of service counters which will be mix of 45cm and 60cm for the built-in oven. Found out that builder and build the cabinets custom if necessary by buying the same cabinet panels.
    Follow-up: need to confirm the IH Cooker from Miele.


  • Lighting:
    4 pages with arrows all over the places for fixtures and switches.
    Odelic is recommended for quality and value. Plus the showroom is not too far. (yes another one)…But more homework.
  • Electrical and Networking
    More plans to study for later.
  • Bathroom:
    Storage for hamper detailed.
    Lots of places for hook and towel rack requested.
    Plug for delonghi heater to heat towels in the winter.
  • Heating Ventilation Cooling:
    Daikin 4 way ventilation. Will need 6 units.
  • Storage:
    All bedroom closets should be as tall as possible with 2 shelves over the steel rod. Most optimal and flexible.
    All dead spaces corners in the loft to have sliding panels for extra storage for heaters, fans, futons and bedding.

Follow-up Actions:
Decide on day to visit the property.
Check Miele IH cooker.
Get Woodone Samples
Review Odelic website, visit showroom
Review lighting, electrical and storage plans.
Print Sketch PDFs and colour in.
Review Flower Box models.

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