Monday, December 13, 2010

Chapter 33 – Peace and Harmony (Day 128)

So our builders got a call from one of our neighbors to the north of us and requested we install a privacy screen on the exterior of our family room window. For our own privacy reasons the window is already frosted glass but I guess they want something more permanent and want avoid us peering into their backyard. So what are our rights? A bit of research on the Japan Civil code and Article 235 states fairly clearly that a windows installed within 1 meter of property lines must have a privacy screen.

So for the sake of peace and harmony we’ll eventually put one up but we don’t want them to think that we’ll entertain their every desires. They had already asked the builders to not work on National holidays but since the project was a already running 2 weeks behind at the time….so for now we’ve told the architect to call them back and tell them “we’ll think about it and get back to them in January.”

Below are the latest photos of the kitchen-dining-living.


Below is the study with the built-in sofa bed. They still have to install the wall shelves.


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  1. Hi! We've been following your progress over the past few months! So exciting! Keep sharing!

    So it seems like the neighbors are starting to voice their concerns and give you a bit of trouble. That's probably to be expected, but it's still a bit disturbing... By the way, what are privacy screens? Are these to be installed indoors or outdoors?

    Also, since we're also in the process of building our house (same neighborhood, other side of the tracks!), I thought I'd share our blog with you:

    We decided to create it to keep our relatives informed and to have a detailed record of our choices and progress.

    We feel that we need to work twice as hard due to the language barrier, which is not just about words... Things that we take for granted back home, like painted walls for instance, are not of the same standard and cost way more than we'd expect, especially for labor.

    Anyhow, at least we feel confident that the job will be well done, after all this is Japan, and quality is always a priority. Been watching the "Holmes on Homes" Series filmed in Canada, and things don't look so great back home...

    Keep us posted about all the details!