Sunday, October 17, 2010

Chapter 27 – Plug and Play (Day 72)

So we’ve got walls now. Well at least plywood, so we have a better sense of the amount of natural light we are going to get. Below is a shot at around 4pm which is when it begins to get darker in the autumn. As the sun sets there is a gorgeous warm orange glow that fills the room. Near where my daughter is standing are the windows. Unfortunately, TOSTEM (home materials manufacturer) sent the wrong frame color. But schedule is still on target.


But about them electrical plugs. As I inspected (for the 100th time) the plans of the house, I came to the conclusion that 2 electrical outlets per room was just not going to cut it. There’s nothing like an extension cord to ruin the look of a room in my opinion. So we added 3 outlets on the first floor.

10-13-2010 10-10-42 PM

And 8 outlets on the 2nd Floor.

10-13-2010 10-20-57 PM

But if you think that’s where it ends, as the Cat in the Hat would say “But that is not all. Oh no that is not all.”….we had to consider the type of outlets such as these floor outlets for the open living room. We are also looking at pop-up outlets in the dining area.


Yes, probably extra spend. But you only want to do this once.

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